Liability Waiver Form

I, the undersigned, am contracting J & L Paralegal Services ("J & L Paralegals"), to provide notary/commissioning services.  By affixing my electronic signature to the form below, I agree to the following:
1.  I release J & L Paralegal Services, from any and all liability arising from this transaction where the notary/commissioner acted in good faith.
2.  I understand that I am not being provided with legal information or services and as such, the documents provided to be notarized (if any) are not privileged by paralegal-client confidentiality.
3.  I understand and consent to have my notarized/commissioned document(s) and identification (if any) stored electronically for a period of three years.  After which, I authorize  J & L Paralegals to irretrievably destroy this electronic copy. 
4.  I confirm I am the person I am claiming to be and have/will provide an accurate and lawful piece of government-issued identification.
5.  I understand that providing false identification or impersonating another person is a criminal offense and is punishable by law.
6.  I confirm the following:
 a)  the document(s) I wish to notarize is the original.  If the document I wish to be notarized is not the original, I shall notify the notary that it is a copy; and/or 
 b)  the document(s) I wish to be witnessed or commissioned is completely filled in and  will be not changed in any way after the notary affixes their seal.
7.  I understand that I am responsible for providing accurate information for J & L Paralegals to provide our services.
8.  I agree that all legal claims must be filed within one year of any wrongdoing.
9.  I agree that, regardless of anything else written in this agreement, if a court finds J & L Paralegals liable for services provided, such liability shall be limited to the amount of the transaction.
10. I consent to J & L Paralegals shipping my signed documents via Canada Post, and acknowledge that J & L Paralegals is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen documents which are handled by Canada Post.
11. If the cost of shipping my documents back to me is greater than what is quoted on the phone, I agree to cover these fees promptly.
12.  I consent to J & L Paralegals sending me a copy of my notarized documents via email, in a non-encrypted form.
Do you consent to the above liability waiver?
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