Traffic Violations

The majority of traffic tickets affect your insurance and sometimes your ability to drive.  The police or the courts are not obligated to tell you about the penalties for traffic tickets.  Some of these penalties include insurance rate increases, license suspension (especially for class G1 and class G2 drivers). Click here for a list of traffic tickets and their penalities.

What We Do

We file your ticket on your behalf, request documentation (i.e. accident reports and disclosure). We attend court on your behalf so you don't miss out on work or other personal matters.

If you chose to take it to trial we will monitor your case and do all the prep work to ensure we have all the necessary materials to build a winning case.

Did you fight the traffic ticket on your own and not happy with the results?  We will appeal the ticket for you.  There are rules to appeals, you can only appeal if there was an error of law and/or an error of judgment.  To avoid appeals reach out to us as soon as you receive a ticket.