Criminal Law

Criminal allegations are just that allegations, and without proper legal guidance, you may end up with severe penalties for false or exaggerated charges.  We understand the impact a criminal conviction can have on your life and your family. 


At J & L Paralegals we want you to know that you have rights and legal options at your disposal to defend yourself against criminal charges.  Protecting our clients' interests and rights is our primary goal.  We understand the confusion and fear that arises when faced with a criminal charge.  As our client, we will take you through your entire case, explaining what you are facing and what to expect.  We also take you through our defence strategy, detailing how we intent to protect you as we challenge the charges against you.

We are able to assist you with all criminal charges that are summary offences.  Below are some examples of the criminal charges that are summary offences.

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*Please note some offences are hybrid, meaning they can be both summary and indictable. The Crown must elect summarily before we are able to assist you.*

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Flight from Police

There are a number of possible favourable resolutions to your situation.  The result of your case will depend on the factual allegations and whether the Crown can prove all elements of the charge.  

If the police are calling (in cases where the suspect escapes), you must speak to a Paralegal before speaking to the police.  They may have no evidence that you are the culprit.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Possession of Weapons

There are many defences available, depending on the circumstances, that can give rise to a finding of not guilty or a withdrawal of the charge.  Plea bargaining is often very successful and can result in charges being withdrawn.

Couple's Shadow

Sexual Assault

If you have been contacted by the police regarding any type of sexual assault contact us.  It is a part of the Police's job to draw out a statement from the person being investigated.  The Police can make false statements to encourage the suspect to answer their questions. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT! Remain silent and contact us!

If you have been arrested or detained for a sexual assault allegation you have the right to speak to a Paralegal immediately!